Booking conditions

To book at Divinum Restaurant - Conditions

Conditions [1-5 pax]

You can book by telephone or via the website. You will have to provide us with your name and telephone number.

We would be extremely grateful if you could confirm any changes to your party size as soon as possible.

Conditions [6-12 pax]

You must book via the website. You will have to provide us with your name, telephone number, credit card and email address.

A initial payment of 20€ per person has to be done to confirm your reservation.

You can cancel or modify your reservation up to 0 days before with no penalty. You may reduce your reservation by 2 guest within 4 hours of your booking with no penalty. Full or partial cancellation of your reservation will result in a charge of €20 per guest.

Group Conditions [13-120 pax]

You can make your reservation by email, telephone and via the website, and it will be passed on to the sales department.

If any guests were not to show up to the reservation it would be treated as a modification or cancellation outside of the cancellation period established. The sum of €20 per no-show guest would be charged to the credit card provided to secure the booking.

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